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Prof. Dr. Antonio Calà Lesina

Dynamic Dielectric Metasurfaces Based on Lattice Resonances

Tuning and Switching Effects via Superstrate-to-Substrate Dielectric Contrast

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Izzatjon Allayarov, Andrey Evlyukhin, Diane J. Roth, Boris Chichkov, Anatoly Zayats, Antonio Calà Lesina

Optical metasurfaces are arrays of nanoparticles with designed shapes and materials that can alter light-matter interaction. There is growing interest in the ability to dynamically tune the optical response of metasurfaces, such as their reflection, transmission or polarization properties which are important for a range of potential applications, including beam steering, adaptive lenses, augmented reality, optical switches, and displays [1]. In general, tuning mechanisms can be divided into two groups. First, mechanisms associated with a controlled change of the optical resonance of individual nanoparticles in a metasurface, and the total response of the metasurface is the additive contribution from each particle, and practically repeats the features of their individual response. Second, associated with the collective resonances of periodic 2D arrays, namely surface lattice resonances (SLRs) [2]. SLRs arise around the Rayleigh anomaly (RA) position as a result of the diffractive in-plane coupling of single-particle resonances in the array.

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