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Studentische Hilfskraft zur Unterstützung bei der Entwicklung einer Website für die kollaborative Forschung in der Computerphysik / den Ingenieurwissenschaften (bis zu 86 Stunden/Monat)

Student Assistant to support the development of a website for collaborative research in computational physics / engineering (up to 86 hours/month)

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The Hannover Center for Optical Technologies (HOT), the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD, the Institute of Photonics (IOP), and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering invite applications for the position of a Student Assistant (m/f/d) to support the development of a website for collaborative research in computational physics / engineering (up to 86 hours/month) to be filled as soon as possible. The position is initially limited to 3 months. The exact number of hours can be arranged based on individual needs.  

Simulations are widely used in science and engineering to model the behaviour of devices, thus allowing their design, optimization and fabrication. Accurate modelling often requires multi-scale and/or multi-physics approaches, resulting in the use of more than one method/code/solver. Many in-house codes are present in the research groups of PhoenixD. However, these codes are currently not working together, and a census is also missing. Developing a web platform to classify these codes by basic description, function description, interfaces and data format so as to make their properties searchable would enhance collaboration opportunities within PhoenixD members and beyond. This can be seen as a prototype of “highly-technical social media” and holds the promise to enhance collaborative research.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Support the development of a web platform for the classification of scientific code
  • Description of functionalities
  • Description of data formats and interfaces
  • Support the creation of a searchable database

Hiring requirements

Applicants must have a valid matriculation at a German university in order to be hired. Your studies should be related to the above-mentioned activities, for example, software engineering, computer science, physics, optics and photonics, electrical engineering, or a related field. The successful candidate is expected to have a strong expertise in technical disciplines, and skills in website development. In addition, good communication skills in English are expected.

Preference will be given to equally-qualified applicants with disabilities.

For further information, please contact Prof. Xiaoying Zhuang or Prof. Antonio Calà Lesina. Please submit your application together with your Curriculum vitae, certificates and a cover letter by May 31st, 2022 in electronic form to Email: office-calalesina@hot.uni-hannover.de or alternatively by mail to:

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
HOT - Hannover Centre for Optical Technologies
Nienburger Str. 17
D-30167 Hannover


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