Project 7

Simulation of the light-guiding properties in coaxially flowing fluid pairs using wave-optical light propagation in fluid-dynamically and thermally superimposed refractive index distributions

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  • Institute: Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Hannover
  • Principle Investigators: Prof. Ludger Overmeyer, Dr.-Ing. Oliver Suttmann, Jürgen Koch
  • Researcher: Arndt Hohnholz

In this project a simulation platform will be established, which will contain a feedback method between a fluidic simulation and a light propagation in liquid waveguides. For the fluidic simulation the commercially available software tool Ansys Fluent will be used that covers the functionalities of the computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The generated thermodynamic parameters will be used to model a refractive index profile, which will be used as input for the light simulation using light propagation method (BPM). Thus, a spatial and time depending refractive index profile will be established. Feedback phenomena such as radiation absorbing centres can be then taken into account.