Numerical Optics and Simulation

Research Focus: Numerical Optics and Simulation

We develop novel hybrid and multiscale numerical concepts for the comprehensive description and modeling of light fields in optical media. Our approaches profit significantly from modern trends in computer technology and, in particular, from massive parallelization using graphic cards (GPUs). These ultimately enable efficient simulation at relatively moderate cost and at the same time large computing power and high performance which so far could only be achieved using computer clusters. Simulation tools developed in our research span over several size scales from atoms and molecules to nanoparticles and bulk materials. Material classes range from dielectrics to semiconductors, fluids, and biological tissue and also include functional/active compounds.  Our comprehensive approach aims to model and simulate all relevant aspects of the light-matter interaction, e.g. optical as well as thermal, mechanical or acoustic effects on all relevant length and time scales. This enables us to include, for example, the material response, e.g. thermal effects, in the description of the light propagation.