Master Course Optical Technologies

Master Course Optical Technologies

The master course aims to educate specialists and executive staff for the optical industry. The programme benefits from strong collaboration between scientific and engineering disciplines in Hannover. The HOT coordinates the course of studies.

Key data, course of studies, recommended skills, fields of activity and career opportunities as well as the application for the degree programme can be found on the university's central website.


To apply for the Optical Technologies master course you have to bring a bachelor's degree or diploma in mechanical engineering, physics or any comparable program from a German university. Equivalent degrees acquired at foreign universities are also recognized.

Applicants who do not have a German bachelor's degree furthermore have to prove sufficient knowledge of the German language. Proof of sufficient knowledge of the English language must be provided for admission to the English-taught specialization Photonics and Laser Technology instead.


An exact overview of the course of studies with all compulsory modules and courses can be found in the courses offered by Leibniz Universität Hannover on the central website, in the module handbook or in the online course catalogue. Further information on the HOT courses can also be found under the menu item Courses.

Preliminary Internship (Basic Internship)

The preliminary internship serves the acquisition of first practical experience in industrial manufacturing. The internship can be completed before the start of studies, but also during the studies or together with the specialized internship. For the internship, any internships already completed or previous vocational training or work can be credited. Further details can be found in the Internship Regulations and the Internship Office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


Please refer to the pages of the central website for general information on your examinations and information on missed examinations.



M. Sc. Jonas Kanngießer
Programme Coordinator
M. Sc. Jonas Kanngießer
Programme Coordinator