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Job offers at the HOT and its members

Available positions as PhD-Student and/or postdoc at the HOT and our partners can be found below:

Available positions at the HOT

Currently there are no further positions available. Please visit the site later and have a look.

Positions for research assistants, student's projects and bachelor-/master thesis

Student's Project / Master Thesis - Contactless Dermatoscopy with polarized Light

Student's Project / Bachelor Thesis - Optimization of Integrated photonics components for Thermomechanical sensor application

Student's Project / Master Thesis - Design and fabrication of cascaded diffractive optical elements for intensity projection at large angles

Student's Project / Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis - Focusing light through scattering media

Master Thesis - Searachable spectra database for project OPTIMUS

Master Thesis / Student's Project - Fixed bacteria surface adhesion

Master Thesis - Chromophore Transition Normals

Student's Project - Particle speeds and trajectories from movie analysis

Bachelor Thesis - Numeric inversion of optoacoustic near field signals obtained by
polar convolution and Poisson integral solution

Master Thesis - Numerical simulation of the optoacoustic wave equation for heterogeneous media subject to acoustic dispersion

Student's project / Bachelor / Master Thesis - Charakterisierung modenselektiver Faserkoppler

Student's Project/Master Thesis - Chromophore Transition Normals

Student's Project/Master Thesis - Fixed Bacteria Surface Adhesion

Bachelor/Master Thesis - Development of a tunable optical bandpass filter

Student's project - Coupling tool for mode-selective excitation of multimode-waveguides based on a Digital Light Processor DLP 1700

Student's project - Development of a software for leak detection on drain pipe

Student's project / Bachelor / Master Thesis - Several openings in the context of our Skin Cancer Screening Project (HKS)

Student's project / Bachelor / Master Thesis - Development of an Exposure Assembly for the Fabrication of Diffractive Optics and Holograms

Student's project / Bachelor / Master Thesis - Calculation of Computer-generated Holograms

Student's project / Bachelor / Master Thesis - Surface Plasmons for Sensor Applications

Student's project / Master Thesis - calibration and characterisation of an optical parametric oscillator in the UV-A

Student's project / Bachelor thesis - development of a closed-loop temperature control for a hot-embossing machine

At the HOT, there is always room for interesting student's projects and bachelor-/master theses. To get the latest offers or to find some new ideas it is best to contact the employees directly.

Vacancies at our member institutes

Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e.V.

Scientific Staff Member for the establishment of a new research group on optical combustion diagnostics. (Ph.D. in physics, physical chemistry, engineering science or similar fields)


Student's work at our member institutes

More student's work or student assistance positions can be found at our partner institutes. You can navigate there using our members-section.