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Board of Directors

Member of the Board of Directors of the Hannover Centre for Optical Technologies

The HOT is managed by the Board of Directors which is thus responsible for the development of the centre in research and teaching as well as in knowledge and technology transfer. The board is elected by the members for a term of three years. The activity in the board is bound to an active cooperation in the HOT.

Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kracht
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Lachmayer
 Roland Lachmayer  Roland Lachmayer
 Uwe Morgner  Uwe Morgner © PhoenixD
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludger Overmeyer
 Ludger Overmeyer  Ludger Overmeyer

Photonics - Optical Analytics, Sensing and Spectroscopy

Computational Photonics

Photonic Quantum Technologies