HOT About the HOT

Our Profile

We are an interdisciplinary research centre of Leibniz University Hannover and conduct research and teaching in the field of applied optics and photonics. We emerged from an initiative of institutes and research facilities of the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics and Physics of Leibniz University Hannover and Laser Zentrum Hannover.


Our aim is to bundle the individual specialist competences in the field of optics and photonics, to create new branches of research and make them available for research, teaching and knowledge transfer.

Scientific Topics

Our team consists of scientists from the fields of physics, mechanical engineering, mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering. We conduct research on basic and applied topics in the field of optical technologies and promote the transfer of knowledge and technology between the participating institutions. We are also the contact for industry and medium-sized companies in questions of optical technologies.

Together under the umbrella of the HOT we are working on the following innovative and interdisciplinary research topics:

Conceptually, we address all relevant aspects of light in a complex, highly functional optical system.

Tasks in Research

  • Carrying out research and development in the field of optical technologies
  • Applying for and coordinating joint third-party funding projects at national and international level
  • Contact for questions regarding optical technologies for industry and medium-sized companies


In teaching, we support the international Master's programme in Optical Technologies, which directly incorporates the knowledge gained into the training of young scientists. We conduct courses and offer advanced training courses in the field of optical technologies. We also train experts for the optical industry.


The central organs of the HOT are:

The Management Board is supported in all operational activities by the management of HOT. In addition to research, the fields of activity of the scientific staff also include organisational tasks, essentially the design and elaboration of research proposals in connection with the necessary preparatory work and research activity.