Publications of the Research Group Computational Photonics

Prof. Dr. Antonio Calà Lesina


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Allayarov, Izzatjon, Andrey B. Evlyukhin, and Antonio Calà Lesina. "Multiresonant all-dielectric metasurfaces based on high-order multipole coupling in the visible". Optics express. 2024, 32(4). 5641-5658.
Gedeon, Johannes, Emadeldeen Hassan, and Antonio Calà Lesina. "Time-Domain Topology Optimization of Arbitrary Dispersive Materials for Broadband 3D Nanophotonics Inverse Design". ACS PHOTONICS. 2023, 10(11). 3875-3887.,
Harke, Saba et al. "Low-frequency magnetic response of gold nanoparticles". Scientific reports. 2023. 13.
Hassan, Emadeldeen and Antonio Cala Lesina. "Topology optimization of dispersive plasmonic nanostructures in the time-domain". Optics express. 2022, 30(11). 19557-19572.,
Rashid, Sabaa et al. "Helium ion beam lithography and liftoff". Nano Futures. 2021. 5(2).