Publications of the Research Group Computational Photonics

Prof. Dr. Antonio Calà Lesina


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Van Der Kolk, Jarno N. et al. "Effect of refractive index mismatch on forward-to-backward ratios in SHG imaging". Optics letters. 2018, 43(20). 5082-5085.
Guay, Jean Michel et al. "Laser-induced plasmonic colours on metals". Nature Communications. 2017. 8.
Lesina, Antonino Calà, Pierre Berini and Lora Ramunno. "Origin of third harmonic generation in plasmonic nanoantennas". Optical materials express. 2017, 7(5). 1575-1580.
Lesina Cala', Antonino, Pierre Berini and Lora Ramunno. "Vectorial control of nonlinear emission via chiral butterfly nanoantennas: Generation of pure high order nonlinear vortex beams". Optics express. 2017, 25(3). 2569-2582.
Van Der Kolk, Jarno, Antonino Calà Lesina and Lora Ramunno. "Effects of refractive index mismatch on SRS and CARS microscopy". Optics express. 2016, 24(22). 25752-25766.