Publications of the Research Group Computational Photonics

Prof. Dr. Antonio Calà Lesina


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Cala'Lesina, Antonino, Lora Ramunno and Pierre Berini. "Dual-polarization plasmonic metasurface for nonlinear optics". Optics letters. 2015, 40(12). 2874-2877.
Lesina, Antonino Calà et al. "Modeling and Characterization of Antireflection Coatings with Embedded Silver Nanoparticles for Silicon Solar Cells". PLASMONICS. 2015, 10(6). 1525-1536.
Lesina, Antonino Calà et al. "On the convergence and accuracy of the FDTD method for nanoplasmonics". Optics express. 2015, 23(8). 10481-10497.
Vaccari, Alessandro et al. "Light-opals interaction modeling by direct numerical solution of Maxwell's equations". Optics express. 2014, 22(22). 27739-27749.
Vaccari, Alessandro et al. "Parallel finite-difference time-domain modeling of an opal photonic crystal". Optical engineering. 2014. 53(7).