Inverse Design and Optimization

Time-Domain Topology Optimization of Arbitrary Dispersive Materials for Broadband 3D Nanophotonics Inverse Design

J. Gedeon, E. Hassan, A. Calà Lesina

- ACS Photonics, 2023 -


Topology optimization of dispersive plasmonic nanostructures in the time-domain

E. Hassan, A. Calà Lesina

- Optics Express, 2022 -

(a) Progress of the objective function and samples showing the evolution of the optimized geometry (see Visualization on the right). (b) Antenna topology. (c) Average field enhancement in the spectrum of interest. (d)-(j) Field distribution at wavelengths of interest.


J. Baxter, A. Calà Lesina, J.-M. Guay, A. Weck, P. Berini, L. Ramunno

- Scientific Reports, 2019 -

DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-44522-7

Colour prediction and inverse design

Deep learning can predict colours knowing nanoparticle distribution or laser parameters. Given a desired colour, deep learning can also solve the inverse problem and provide a unique solution.