HOT Research
Diffractive Optics in Coherent Automotive Lighting

Diffractive Optics in Coherent Automotive Lighting

Led by:  B. Roth, M. Rahlves
Team:  M.S. Khan
Year:  2017
Funding:  Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur (MWK)

The DOEs are smaller in size and provide higher angular projection of the desired pattern as compared to their counterpart refractive or reflective elements.

Under the scope of this project, we aim to design and implement concepts to incorporate laser based light sources for desired pattern projection in rear end lights. This can be achieved by fabricating the diffractive structures for a desired intensity distribution and transformation of these diffractive structures onto polymers i.e. Polymethylmethacrylat (PMMA) or Polycarbonate(PC). The design of the DOE will be fabricated onto the photoresist using photolithograhy and the replication onto polymers will be done using hot embossing system. Legal regulations for rear end lights set by ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) will also be considered in the design process.

This project is funded by Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture (MWK) under program Tailored Light.