HOT Research


Led by:  M. Wollweber
Team:  K. Bremer
Year:  2011

Smart Textiles for Liquid Leakage Surveillance in Pipe Systems 

This project aims at developing a textile-based optical sensor system for liquid leakage surveillance in concrete pipe systems. Fibers may be used for optical signal transduction as well as sensory elements for detection of strain, displacement and humidity. As the technical textile is to be embedded into the concrete, its capability as a stabilizing structure will also be addressed. The development of such a bifunctional textile sensor system which can be employed in structural health monitoring of concrete members constitutes the core of this applied research project.

The choice of a pipe systems with inherent leakage surveillance is worthwhile for newly built sewerage or pipelines for oil or the chemical industry. Its use is particularly interesting for conservation areas where reliable and permanent leakage surveillance is prerequisite for effective protection of water and environment, or in regions of mining subsidence which may cause severe and unpredictable damage to pipe systems.

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