Led by:  B. Roth, M. Rahlves
E-Mail:  maik.rahlves@hot.uni-hannover.de
Year:  2011

Artificial cochlea implantation is a highly demanding task in surgery due to the required accuracies in surgery instrument positioning, which is often achieved by robot aided surgery.  Furthermore, the surgeon has no knowledge about structures beneath the surface of the operating field leading to a high risk of deafness of the patient.

The objective of this project is, therefore, to take computer tomographical (CT) images before surgery to gain three-dimensional information of the operation field. The task of our project partner, the Institute of Mechatronics Systems (imes), is to match these images onto three-dimensional data obtained by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), which is measured during surgery.  The three-dimensional information helps the surgeon to direct the surgery instrument and reduces possible damages significantly.

The project goal of the Hannover Centre for Optical Technologies is the calibration of the OCT device. This includes the determination of the resolution, calibration of the axes and, in cooperation with the imes, the correction of the image distortion. Furthermore, origins of optical artefacts are determined by optical simulation of the OCT (simulation setup is sketched in the figure).

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