HOT Research
PlanOS-SFB Sub-Project B04

PlanOS-SFB Sub-Project B04

Led by:  M. Rahlves
Year:  2013
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  4 Years

Within project B04, coupling structures and waveguides are designed and optimized regarding coupling efficiency and power extinction by carrying out numerical simulations. Since design and optical performance of a particular coupling structure strongly depends on its physical principle and, therefore, on the size of the microstructures, various coupling concepts have to be considered. The concepts are especially suited for optical devices, which are developed within other PlanOS-projects. Examples of coupling structures are shown in the figure above and are based on total internal reflection at a polymer–air boundary (left) or on light coupling using diffraction gratings (right).  The scientific challenge when designing such coupling structures is the technical realization of the micro-optical structures, which are completely polymer based. A hot embossing process was chosen as most suited for this purpose. We intent to develop a new fabrication process based on hot embossing which is based on successive utilization of polymers with different glass temperatures without using UV curing polymers.