HOT Research


Led by:  M. Wollweber
Year:  2011
Funding:  DFG
Is Finished:  yes

Optoacoustics plus resonance Raman spectroscopy for investigation of carotinoids

Carotinoids and their properties play a significant role in the complex antioxidative network of (non-)human metabolism. Recent findings suggest that the cooperation of different components of this defence system is crucial to the balance of oxidative potential. Better understanding of these mechanisms are prerequisite to active prevention of oxidative cellular damage which may lead to severe diseases like cancer.

To illuminate these mechanisms we suggest to develop and use a spectroscopic system combining  resonance Raman spectroscopy for fingerprinting and identification with optoacoustics for the determination of the optical properties of the sample in order to allow quantification of the antioxidants identified by Raman. Carotinoids in solution are a promising first choice for evaluation of this combined method. By going from tissue phantoms and cellular models to in vivo investigations, the system will be pushed forward towards application under physiological conditions. This also includes incorporation of other antioxidative agents such as vitamins C and E, glutathione or enzymatic components of the antioxidative network.