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Bernhard Roth and Anatoly F. Kukk present their skin scanner at IdeenExpo

Bernhard Roth and Anatoly F. Kukk present their skin scanner at IdeenExpo

Last Monday, they already presented their research once at the IdeenExpo: (from left) Bernhard Roth, presenter Jenny Winkler, Anatoly Fedorov Kukk and Uwe Morgner.
© Sonja Smalian/PhoenixD
Anatoly Fedorov Kukk demonstrates how the OCT scanner works and scans presenter Jenny Winkler's arm during the presentation on StageSeven at the IdeenExpo.

HOT researchers Bernhard Roth and Anatoly Fedorov Kukk will present the OCT skin scanner with PhoenixD board member Uwe Morgner on Thursday (7/7) at 1:30 pm on stage BühneSieben (hall 7) at the IdeenExpo. They will also provide information about the new LUH bachelor's degree programme in optical technologies.

Snapping selfies with your smartphone and streaming films via fibre optics - our modern digital everyday life is made possible by so-called optical technologies. These technologies all work with light and can be used for many different tasks, such as medicine.

On stage BühneSieben, the three physicists show how they can use a skin scanner (OCT scanner) to draw a picture of tissue under the skin. The technology works similarly to an ultrasound examination - only with light. With this device, patients could be examined much faster and cheaper.

The three scientists also provide information about the new bachelor's degree programme Optical Technologies: Lasers and Photonics, starting at Leibniz University Hannover in the winter semester of 2022/23. With its interdisciplinary orientation, the programme is unique at a German university.